I am implementing a barring

Putting a barring in place is a big step towards reducing the impact of gambling harm on your life. You don’t have to do it alone.

It may be important to consult with a professional Gambling Help Counsellor. A counsellor will support you to better understand gambling behaviour and its impact on your life. They will also help you understand and manage urges you may experience after you’ve stopped gambling.


Reasserting control over your life and learning new effective ways of coping are an important part of maintaining being gambling free.

We are a free, confidential, and non-directive service.  We understand the challenges that putting a barring in place can bring. We are non-judgmental and understand that slips and relapses do happen even with a barring in place. We are here to help.

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Relationships Australia SA provides a free, confidential and comprehensive counselling support service for problem gambling and gambling addiction.

We can help if gambling is affecting your:

  • life
  • relationships
  • finances
  • capacity to parent or work effectively
  • health and wellbeing

Our Gambling Help Team consists of qualified Counsellors with extensive experience in helping individuals, couples and families with problem gambling and related issues.  We know that gambling can mean different things in different cultures and that an understanding of cultural expectations can be important. To understand any specific needs, we work with Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people, and people from culturally and linguistically diverse (CALD) backgrounds.

As Counsellors, we:

  • Work with people at any point of the gambling harm continuum – we’ll be happy to see you even if you are not sure whether gambling is a problem in your life
  • Know a lot about how gambling becomes a problem in people’s lives, and don’t judge or stigmatise
  • Working collaboratively with other agencies to support their clients with regard to gambling difficulties
  • Support clients to access voluntary barrings, where desired
  • Are available for as long as you need
  • Have a very informal referral process – you can just call us
  • Use a range of therapeutic approaches

Click HERE to make an appointment or call us now on 08 8216 5246 (9am – 5pm Mon to Fri and out-of-hours please leave a message), or send us an email to gamblinghelp@rasa.org.au.

Financial Counselling

Financial counselling is a free and confidential service provided by qualified Financial Counsellors, experienced in working with financial issues caused by problem gambling, help relieve the stress of finances and develop a money management plan for the future.

Financial Counsellors assist you by listening to you. They are non-judgemental and understand that life has its ups and downs. A Financial Counsellor is there to support you to deal with your financial problems.

Additionally, a Financial Counsellor will:

  • Act solely in your interest
  • Assess your current situation
  • Give you information about your options
  • Work with you to develop a plan
  • Deal with credit providers and others on your behalf
  • Negotiate with gas, electricity, telephone and other providers to develop workable payment solutions
  • Develop a budget with you for the future
  • Offer specialist support referrals to organisations that provide services such as counselling, legal services, emergency relief, fine relief etc
  • Assess your entitlements (no-interest loans, unconscionable lending, ombudsmen, internal dispute resolutions etc), and support you in accessing them if you wish

Click HERE to make an appointment or call us now on 08 8216 5246 (9am – 5pm Mon to Fri and out-of-hours please leave a message), or send us an email to gamblinghelp@rasa.org.au.

Peer Support

Trained peer support workers offer you the chance to talk with someone who has experienced a problematic relationship with gambling… and recovered!

A Peer Support Worker can:

  • Offer HOPE, that you too can overcome your gambling problems
  • Support the client’s journey of recovery at their pace and in their individual way
  • Listen and offer support
  • Provide practical information
  • Understand recovery as an ongoing, lifetime process which can be cyclical and not linear
  • Share what they have learned to support your recovery
  • Provide one-on-one support, with flexible delivery (location, time etc.)
  • Advocate for you, where possible and with permission
  • Celebrate your achievements and remind you of your progress

Peer Support Services also work collaboratively in partnership with:

  • Offenders Rehabilitation Services (OARS)
  • Catherine House
  • Baptist Care SA
  • Gambling Intervention Program (GIP)

Peer Support offers both group and individual support:

  • SMART Recovery
  • IKIGAI – Relapse Prevention Group
  • Inside Out Program – Forensic Support

The Peer Support Service is a free confidential service offered as part of Relationships Australia SA’s Gambling Help Service.

Click HERE to make an appointment or call us now on 08 8216 5246 (9am-5pm Mon to Fri and if out-of-hours, please leave a message), or send an email anytime to gamblinghelp@rasa.org.au.

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