Lived Experience

The Consumer Voice Program offers personalised training and community education services directed at raising awareness about gambling harm in SA. It does this by the development and sharing of lived experience stories.

Help strengthen recovery from harmful gambling:

  • Connect you with others who have faced similar challenges
  • Support renewed life directions
  • Build self-confidence and help overcome shame and stigma
  • Support you to tell you story to select audiences if you choose to do that.

“This training has made such a difference to my confidence for a better future”. – Consumer Voice trainee

“I had never talked to anyone other than my counsellor, now I know I am not the only one who has suffered in silence”. – Consumer Voice trainee

Have you experienced harm from gambling? Share your story!

Find out more by contacting Ramune Haughey on 0427 010 099 or email

More on the Consumer Voice Program here.

Watched ‘lived experience’ stories of other peoples’ journeys of recovery that may help inspire you.

Lived Experience Collective Story Game

View information on the resource here

Sam’s Story

Sam struggles with his partner Sheila’s gambling and the impact it has had on their family, business and relationship. Living on a rural property, Sam tells us of the unique issues the couple faced in seeking help.

Lucy’s Story

Lucy tells us the impact her partner Lachlan’s gambling had on her and her children’s wellbeing and the steps she took to get help.

Sharon’s Story

Sharon shares with us the history behind her son Lachlan’s gambling, and the physical and emotional effect it had on her. She highlights the reasons why seeking help is important for family members of problem gamblers.