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Intake Service via Phone or Email

The Gambling Help service provides a dedicated telephone and email intake service staffed by trained gambling help workers.

Duty workers can:

  • Talk to new clients
  • Book appointments for therapeutic and financial counselling in all regions
  • Answer enquiries from industry partners, other agencies or members of the general public
  • For full details download the flyer: Gambling Help Intake Service
  • Free call: 1800 934 196
  • Local call: (08) 8216 5246

Click HERE to download the Gambling Help Service brochure.

  • * Required information. It is okay to give us a pseudonym if you prefer. We will call you back as soon as possible, usually within a couple of hours on the next business day, maximum within the next 48 hours.

Your Rights and Responsibilities

Relationships Australia SA is committed to the delivery of high quality services. To achieve this we implement the following principles:

You have a right to consideration and respect regardless of gender, age, sexual preference, race, religion, political belief, socio-economic status or disability.

Our offices are a safe place. You have the right to feel safe at all times.

We will promote your right to make an informed choice by providing clear and accurate information about our services.

Your records will be treated with the utmost confidentiality within legal limitations. Confidentiality will only be waived when matters of a serious or criminal nature arise. Please talk to us about any limits to your confidentiality.

Agency expertise
You will receive services from this agency of a high standard provided by skilled staff. All services are evaluated on a regular basis to ensure efficiency, effectiveness and appropriateness.

Individual requirements
We are committed to providing quality services to all people and understand that sometimes there are barriers that may prevent people from accessing community services. If you have any difficulty accessing our services, please speak to us about how we can help. For example, we can arrange for a cultural assistant, or accredited language or hearing interpreter to assist you if necessary.

Your rights
When you use Relationships Australia SA Gambling Help Services you will be treated with respect, and receive the best quality services at all times.

This means that:

  • you will be listened to and taken seriously
  • you will be given full information about the service you are interested in
  • you will be spoken to in a clear and respectful manner
  • you will be encouraged to express your opinion about our services as this assists us to ensure that we meet the needs of our customers


Relationships Australia SA is committed to the maintenance of high quality services to our clients. We value your comments and encourage client feedback. Click here for more information.