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Orientation to the South Australian Gambling Sector

The Orientation to the South Australian Gambling Sector is an online training program designed to give an overview of the historical and current landscape of the South Australian gambling industry.

This is a FREE and easily accessible online learning program funded by the Office for Problem Gambling and hosted on the Australian Institute of Social Relations learning management system.

This program is be updated each year to ensure the currency of information provided. It comprises of a number of modules that can be accessed as most useful to you. It can be done in your own time, in one or multiple sessions. The program is comprehensive and highly informative and will take 2-8 hours to complete (depending on prior knowledge).

Big Fish Animation

The “Big Fish” Animation is a short animation designed to help those experiencing harm from gambling (whether through their own or someone else’s gambling) to understand how people arrive at developing gambling difficulties and approach the subject with increased levels of (self-) compassion.

The Big Fish was created in 2018 and has been translated into 12 different languages; Farsi, French, Khmer, Punjabi, Pushtu, Urdu, Hindi, Swahili, Arabic, Dari, Pilipino and Greek.

Winning? Animation + Education Pack

The “Winning?” animation was developed to alert young people to the dangers of online sports betting. It aims to increase awareness in those who might themselves be affected by harmful online gambling as well as their peers. It provides information on assistance available with this issue.

An Education Pack was developed to enable educators and others who work with young people to run a series of very short and engaging session on the subject. It comprises information for educators as well as all resources required to start some important conversations that will ultimately keep young people safer. Download here.


Consumer Voice Program/Lived Experience

Consumer Voice Program

The Consumer Voice Program offers personalised training and community education services directed at raising awareness about gambling harm in SA. It does this by the development and sharing of lived experience stories.

Help strengthen recovery from harmful gambling by:

  • Connect you with others who have faced similar challenges
  • Support renewed life directions
  • Build self-confidence and help overcome shame and stigma
  • Support you to tell you story to select audiences if you choose to do that.

“This training has made such a difference to my confidence for a better future”. – Consumer Voice trainee

“I had never talked to anyone other than my counsellor, now I know I am not the only one who has suffered in silence”. – Consumer Voice trainee

Have you experienced harm from gambling? Share your story!

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