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Assess Your Gambling – Online Tool

How do I know whether my gambling is a problem? Often people don’t recognise the warning signs. Gambling doesn’t usually start out as a problem, but if you’re starting to recognise it’s causing issues and assess your gambling over a short questionnaire.

This self-assessment is known as the Problem Gambling Severity Index (PGSI). The PGSI is a reliable and standardised measure of at risk behaviour in problem gambling. By completing the PGSI you will develop a better understanding of the severity of your gambling behaviour and begin to take steps towards getting help.

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Inside the Pokies

Find out all the inner workings of modern poker machines. Discover happens when you press the button, what the rate of return is to each player, and what chances there are of winning big.

Insiders’ Guide to Gambling

Do you know what you’re up against when playing a pokie machine, playing BlackJack or buying a lotto ticket? It’s true that the ‘house’ always has the ‘edge’ and this is for a reason…

Odds, Myths and Facts

If you gamble for the chance to win money, do you know what the odds are of actually winning? The odds are clearly stacked against the gambler – meaning you should always expect to lose.

Gambling Motivation Ruler

This exercise is designed to assess how motivated you are to change your gambling behaviour and address some of the reasons you many not be where you want to be.

Gambling Safety Plan

A quick way to begin planning safety around gambling behaviours and the ramifications around unwanted behaviour.


You can ask a gambling provider (venue) or Consumer and Business Services (CBS) to bar you or an individual from entering an area where gambling takes place. This can include hotels and clubs with gaming machines, and the Adelaide Casino.

For a direct line to someone who can assist you with barring, call: 8204 9966.

Or, visit SA Government Liquor and Gambling Website for more information, once there;

  • For Voluntary Barring navigate to “You need help with problem gambling”
  • For Third-Party Barring navigate to “You want to help someone with a gambling problem”

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